Sunday, March 18, 2012

15 Minute Door Decor

Spring seems to have sprung here in Upstate New York. Its been in the 60s and 70s for the past several days and the weathermen seem to think its going to continue through this week. I'm certainly not complaining about the warm weather, but I'm also being realistic that this probably won't continue for too long.

I am taking this opportunity to spread some springy cheer around, in the form of a pretty (and simple) wreath for the door. My Grandma celebrated her birthday on Sunday and I thought that this wreath would be the perfect addition to her country home.

While I was at JoAnn's buying fabric for other things, I also picked up a twig wreath, a few fake artificial flowers, and some ribbon. Once I got home, I stuck the flowers through the wreath until I liked where they sat. This was the configuration I decided upon.
 I like to decorate in odd numbers, which is funny because I love even numbers. I will only eat my m & m's in pairs. The symmetry was beautiful with the three flowers. Then I, well Bill, used a pair of plyer snips to trim the stems down. After that, I just bent the remaining stems over so that the flowers would stay in place.
In order to hang the wreath, I attached a loop of ribbon to the top. I hung it on my own door so I could snap a few pictures. We had such a beautiful sunny day here.

So there you have it, another easy and quick project to spruce up your home. Do you change your door decor with the change of the seasons? Have you given any homemade gifts lately? This was the first time recently that I've given something homemade and it felt so much better than going to the store to buy something. I hope Gram liked it!

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  1. Love the colors of those flowers. I am a big fan of symmetry myself and I've been hooked on seasonal wreaths lately! Luckily Target is always willing to take my hard earned dollars so I've been buying my wreaths from them the last couple of months. Unfortunately I have a hard time stopping at the wreath and find myself searching out seasonal door mats as well. It is a vicious cycle. Nate has been dealing with my obsession well, but we'll see how long it lasts ;)

  2. Thanks Heidi! Its funny how Target is so good at taking my money as well. We aren't quite at new doormat season in NY yet, but I'm excited to get a new one once the nice weather is here to stay. Thank goodness for patient husbands!


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