Monday, March 5, 2012

Flashback to 1991

Just the thought of using puff paint to decorate my house kind of makes me cringe. I really never thought I would go to the store seeking puff paint. At least not until I had a kid in elementary school working on some school project. Then I started seeing all of these ideas on pinterest (where else??) that used puff paint and the wheels started turning.

I've been loving the gray and yellow color scheme in our bedroom. With the gray stenciled walls, I needed a few more pops of yellow. Enter the magic powers of spray paint. I have about a million plain glass vases and candle holders that just sit up in my craft room waiting to be used. All I needed to buy from the store was spray paint and puff paint. Since I was mostly using materials I already owned, this is another project that falls in the cheap inexpensive category.

For the smaller candle holder in this picture, I put evenly spaced dots of puff paint around the circumference. I ended up doing three rows just because I liked how much space that took up. I let the puff paint dry for a few hours and then spray painted the candle holder with a few thin and even coats. I think it ended up looking really sweet.
For the taller vase, I used painters tape to tape off one vertical line before spray painting. I also covered the top of each of the glasses before spray painting so I didn't end up with any color on the inside of the vase. I removed the tape immediately after the third light coat of paint so I had a nice, clean edge.

You may think that this is where my obsession with puff and spray paint ended, but you would be wrong my friends. I also used the puff paint to write on a jug before spray painting it. I think it ended up really nice. I found the jug for like $2 at Goodwill and then used the same tube of puff paint. 
The spray paint I used was a purple Valspar can that I found at Lowe's. It seems to photograph a little bit brown, but its not that color in real life. I displayed this one on a table in front of the photo gallery wall with a few other vessels.
As you'll see in the future, I've used spray paint a lot to fix or change items in our house. Bill started to get a little concerned when I started using it almost everyday!

What about you guys? Have you used spray paint recently? Its amazing how many different colors in comes in now. You can really use it for so many different projects.

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  1. I've never heard of puff paint. Cute ideas. Keep them coming!

    Aunt Jeanie


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