Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Bathroom is (Almost) Finished!!

After what seems like the longest six weeks ever, our bathroom is almost finished. Its completely functional now, but still needs the accessories. Basically, the hard work is done and now I can do the fun part of picking out a new shower curtain and towel bar... fun times!

Six weeks ago, after demolishing what was there, we had this:

And now we have this!

Try to ignore the fact that there are no doors on the vanity and the toilet paper is sitting on the counter. Those are just minor details after all the work that went into this space. We hired someone to do the sheet rock and tile the floor, but we Bill did the rest. Well, I painted and did some little touch up things, but Bill did the majority of the work.

The wall color is Newburyport Blue by Benjamin Moore, and I'm in love. Originally, I wanted to paint the walls navy but with the dark tile, I decided to lighten up just one shade. This was my first time using Benjamin Moore paint because I'm usually too cheap, but I'm a convert now. Even with this dark color, it only took one coat of paint. It was well worth the extra ten bucks!

The tile is 18 inch square charcoal gray porcelain tile that we found in the discount room of a local tile store. We lucked out because we didn't need a lot of it - the room is only about 4' by 8'. Bill chose the light gray grout and I think it was a great decision.

We left the shower and tub intact from the start. It was just replaced before we bought the house and I think it's only been used twice since we've lived here. We also reused the crown molding and just repainted it white. I love how it really finishes the room.

The toilet, vanity, and medicine cabinet were all from Lowe's and both lights were from Home Depot. We were fortunate to find a nice vanity that would fit in that tiny space!

The room is looking very masculine right now, but I'll girlify it one I buy the accessories. Yes, I just used the word girlify. Good thing I'm not an English teacher! I'm also trying to figure out what to put in the corner next to the vanity. Its about 18 inches wide, so its a decent little plot of space. We definitely need more storage in here, so it'll have to be something that will do that job. I'll keep you posted on that progress, along with the other pretty details to come!

Bill and I are both relieved to finally have the bathroom functioning again. We have two other bathrooms in the house, but this was the guest bathroom so its nice to have some place for guests to go instead of our master bathroom. This was our first major renovation and I have to say that it was successful! I don't think we'll be tackling any big projects again for a while. We need a rest from the big things, but I'll still be working on other things around the house - you can count on that!

Who else has tackled a full bathroom renovation? Isn't it gratifying to pick out exactly what you want, instead of just living with what someone else picked out? I love it :)

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  1. Awesome! I love how it turned out - can't wait to see how you girlify it!

  2. Thanks Smock! I went shopping tonight for some stuff, but am having trouble deciding on a shower curtain. It'll come together soon, I hope :)

  3. We decided to use BM paint when we painted our house. Glad we over ruled the cheap way out too. It really did a nice job with just one coat and we'll use it again. (Hopefully not too soon because we really hate painting.) Love your colors and the bath is beautiful.

  4. Thanks Tracy! I'm almost disappointed with myself that I spent so much time painting with other paint before this. The BM paint is definitely my paint of choice from now on... even though I only have a few rooms left to paint!


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