Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How Great Thou Art

Free, personalized art that is! It's not a secret that I'm a fan of anything free. Well not maybe not anything, but if it can decorate a wall in my home then I'm a fan. Since I put myself on a spending freeze, I've been thinking a lot about how I can use what I already own to make pretty things.

A few years ago, I bought a few canvases to try my hand at painting. Let me just get this out there - an artist I am not - but I can create things that involve structure. Hand me painters tape and I'm good to go. So I gathered up a canvas, two different sizes of painters tape, some scrap book letters and spray paint.

I laid out the letters on the canvas first. I have to admit that I thought it was pretty cute at this stage and I may have inspired a future project!
Needless to say, I pressed the letters on in the (approximate) center of the canvas. I basically just eye ball the placement of things like this. Then I took out my tape and played around until I found a placement that I was happy with.

At this point I was ready for spray paint. I laid the canvas out on some newspaper outside and got my spray on. I did a few light coats, waiting about 15 minutes in between coats.

Of course Simon was waiting for me in the window!

{are you done yet? I just want to lay on the couch with you!}
 About 15 minutes after the last coat of spray paint, I peeled off the tape and letters. I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous. I was scared that the paint would seep under the tape or the letters would look crooked. Much to my relief, I had this:
The paint did leak a little bit around the letters, but I actually don't mind it. The letters were a little old and were a mix from a few different packages, so it just looks handmade. And I'm fine with that!
I'm sure you're wondering where I found room to hang this since the walls in my house are pretty full. There is actually the perfect little wall in the hall leading into our master bedroom. I get to see it every night before bed and right when I get up. I even smiled this morning looking at it when I had to get up early for a day full of student learning objectives. (Consider yourself lucky if you don't have to deal with those!)

Forgive the photo, it was getting dark when I took this one and the lighting in our bedroom isn't that great.
Ten points if you spotted Simon!

So that's my latest no cost project, although it would still be pretty cheap even if you didn't have all of the supplies on hand. And its personalized and meaningful to Bill and I. Score!

What have you spray painted lately? I can't be the only one amazed by its awesomeness!

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  1. Yeah - 10 points for spotting Simon - what do I win?!

    Gotta love a no cost original art project! Is that purple? Love it and the simple quote!

    So glad you joined our Color party!

    1. Yes, it is purple! I've been crushing on gray and purple ever since I had purple flowers next to a gray statue.

      Thanks for stopping by and for finding Simon. He appreciates the love!

  2. I love it! So simple but sophisticated and stylish

    1. Thanks so much! Simple is the keyword for most of my projects :)

  3. That is SUCH a cute idea!!! And the pic of your pup in the window is priceless!! Thank you so much for linking up to our party!! :)

    1. Thanks Karah, and thanks for hosting the party! Simon is always on the look out :)

  4. What a great project ... love how it turned out ... and am loving the ever-vigil Simon. My very own beagle Ernie keeps a very close eye on my projects as well!

    Thank you so much for sharing at our Crazy for Color link party!



    1. Thanks Linda! I'm glad to hear that other dogs are just as interested as Simon is.

      Thanks for hosting :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Sharon! Gotta love cheap and easy art :)

  6. This looks amazing! I'm so not an artist but always looking for ways to create cheap and easy wall art....I'm totally trying this!
    - Meghan

    1. Thanks Meghan! I'd love to see what you create!!


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