Wednesday, August 22, 2012

3 & an Anniversary Tradition

Today Bill and I are celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary!

Our wedding was beautiful, although I do wonder what would have been different if Pinterest had existed back then! By the by, I thought my photographer was a little nuts when he asked me to hold my flowers up like this, but I must say that this could be my most favorite picture ever. 

The traditional gift for the third anniversary is leather. We have stuck to the traditions for the first two anniversaries, and although I was willing to ditch the leather idea, we decided to stick with tradition. We are currently on the hunt for an inexpensive leather recliner for the living room. I don't want a big, bulky recliner - I told the guy at the furniture store that it couldn't have all that extra fluff! I'll certainly keep you posted when we find something that is in our price range and fits my requirements!

Even without Pinterest, I managed to start a cute tradition to mark our anniversaries. It actually started on our honeymoon to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic when I took this picture:
(You might recognize that picture from this stenciled photo matte tutorial.) 
For our first anniversary, we took a weekend trip to Boston and spent a few hours at a beach about an hour outside of the city. As we were walking down that beach, I thought it would be cute to take a similar photo, so we did - this time including the "1 year."
Now of course after I did this two years in a row, I had to continue the tradition. Unfortunately, we spent our anniversary at home last year so I had to improvise. Instead of sand at the beach, I wrote our name and date into dirt in the back yard.
Luckily, we're went up to a local lake today so I was able to write in the sand again, but I wonder what I'll end up writing in over the next 70 years! I also want to start displaying these photos somewhere in our house. They're not doing me any good just living on my computer! I'm thinking maybe in our master bedroom. Obviously I'll need to have space to expand since this will go on forever. I'll certainly keep you updated when I made that decision. Just add it to my list of things to do!

How do you celebrate your anniversary? My sisters watch their wedding videos to remember the day. I also put my wedding dress back on for about 5 minutes and make Bill take my picture... even Simon dog looked at me like I was crazy for doing that last year! Anyone out there trash the dress? I just couldn't bring myself to destroy mine. Who else ate the year old wedding cake on their first anniversary? Ours was surprisingly delicious! Please share your anniversary traditions with me in the comments. I'd love to hear what everyone else does!

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  1. I love that picture, the red flowers make your eyes just POP! Beautiful. Happy Anniversary to you both.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love that photo with the bright red flowers too, wow! :)


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