Thursday, July 11, 2013

More Labeling Fun

I'm on a bit of a roll with the Silhouette lately. I made the cute art for Caroline's nursery, then I made a welcome sign for the front door and even labeled the laundry room. This latest project was just as simple as the first few.

We have two big baskets full of board games in our living room. With the inundation of baby stuff, the things that we don't use that are taking up space are starting to gnaw at me. I went through the board games and consolidated the games that we play often enough into one of the big baskets. This freed up a whole basket for baby things.

Obviously, I needed to store the other games somewhere. Our basement is dry and our go-to storage space, so I ran over to Target and picked up a big plastic tote. You didn't think I was just going to load up the games, throw them down there and call it a day, did you? Oh no - out came the Silhouette!

 Now there's no doubt what's in this container when we go down to the basement. Again, I used a font that I purchased from the Silhouette online store. This one is called "LD Free Spirit." Its cute and playful to go with the board game theme.
This is the same type of vinyl that I used the other day. I went back to JoAnn's and stocked up on several colors. The best part is that since the vinyl is considered a specialty paper, it goes on sale with all of the scrapbook paper. Each 12 by 24 inch sheet of vinyl only cost $1.79. Sweet deal!

I'm tempted to start labeling all of the storage bins in the basement, but I think my next project will be back in the nursery. I'm so excited to keep exploring the capabilities of the Silhouette!

I hope everyone has a great weekend :)

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