Monday, February 27, 2012

My First "Decorating" Project

Back to reality today! It's nice to be back at school, but that means the posts will go up later in the day. No big deal, I guess.

The first real decorating project I did when we moved into this house was to jazz up the TV wall in our living room.  We have a giant 52" flat screen mounted on the wall. After staring at the television for a few weeks, I realized that the wall was the perfect size to make into some sort of accent wall.

This was also the first time I painted stripes on anything.  To keep the project fairly stress-free, I did not make the stripes uniform at all. The sizes and placement of the stripes were completely random.  I used a level and the green frog tape to tape out the stripes, then I used small foam brushes to do the painting. Since I was using different colors, I bought the small sample size paints from Lowe's. This was a very inexpensive project - maybe thirty bucks, tops. I think cheap has become a recurring theme of this blog!

The pictures basically describe the process to you:

I love the impact that this project had on our living room. The stripes are subtle enough that they do not distract you while watching tv, but they do add a bit of character to the room.

The timeline for this was about an hour, from taping to painting to removing the tape. Not too bad for a cheap and quick project!

Have you painted stripes anywhere in your home? This was my first rodeo, but not the only one for me!

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  1. you did a great job I'm currently thinking of doing a similar idea behind my tv


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