Tuesday, February 21, 2012

That looks like a charlie brown t-shirt

That's what I was expecting my husband to say about my latest painting project when he saw it completed. Fortunately he liked it!

My craft room was really the last untouched room in this house. We have 5 bedrooms and since there's only two of us for now, most of them go unused. Over Christmas vacation, I put up some shelves in one of the upstairs bedrooms and claimed it as my craft room. Actually, the room had been mine since we first looked at the house. It had a Yankees light switch cover and navy blue trim. That decor was fine for a while, but as I spend more time in there I wanted to look at something nicer.

I finally painted all of the navy blue trim white. The clean white trim really made the room feel like an adult space and not an old kids room. Unfortunately, I was left with a plain white box. For anyone that knows me, you know that I bought my first house because I was tired of the plain white walls in my apartment. I had to come up with something to make this room come to life. Of course, I went on Pinterest. I had pinned several different pictures of rooms with chevrons before. I knew I didn't want to paint the entire room, so I picked the short wall in the front of the room to get the special treatment. Since our house is a Cape Cod, we have those weird slanted ceilings in the bedrooms on the second floor. I figured that I'd be better off choosing a small space for this project, just in case the taping got tedious.

Being a math nerd comes in handy sometimes. This was certainly one of those times! I measured out the width of the wall and then divided it by 8, since I knew that I wanted to have 4 complete chevrons across the wall.  I measured out and marked those 8 equal sections, then I measured down every 6 inches from those marks. This gave me a grid to help with the taping process.

If you're going to try this one, make sure you account for the size of the tape in your stripes. I alternated taping above the mark and then below the mark in order to make sure that all of the stripes were the same size. Next, it was time to paint! I left the little pieces of tape where the white stripes would be so that I didn't accidentally paint in the wrong spot. It worked like a charm!

The most gratifying part of any painting project is definitely when you get to pull the tape and see the crisp lines of the results. I'm very pleased with the outcome!

   Its amazing what a difference a few hours, some paint, and tape can make! Since I used paint that I already had, the whole project only cost $7 for the green tape. What a bargain!

I think Simon likes it too!

Have you completed any quick afternoon projects lately that have made such an impact? I love the power of paint!

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  1. Love it! Kind of has a geometric/nautical look. Would like to see you bring the dark color of the rug up on the walls...maybe in the curtains?
    I can tell Simon loves it too.

  2. Thanks! The windows have navy blue valances on them now. I'm working on a few more projects in there, so stay tuned!

  3. What color is the gray? Thanks! -Krysta

    1. Hi Krysta! The gray is Valspar's granite dust that I just bought a sample can of. Thanks for stopping by :)


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