Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Free paint Chip Art

We repainted our master bedroom a few months ago. I've been trying to take my time and only put things up on the wall that I really like. A few weeks ago I put up a couple of shelves that I bought at Lowe's. I love the shelves, but now the other wall was just begging to be filled up!
I had seen several projects using paint chips around the blog world. It looked pretty easy, so I went to Lowe's and picked up a bunch of paint chips. When I say a bunch, I really mean about 50. I'm sure I looked like a crazy lady, but it was well worth any strange looks!
 I found an extra frame that I had around the house and then taped a few pieces of card stock together to use as my background. The most time-consuming part was cutting all of the paint chips down to a uniform size. When I was done, I was left with a pile of usable chips and then all of the scraps.
 The next part was the fun part. I laid out all of the paint chips onto my card stock background. I used the pink ones to make a rough picture of a heart in the middle.  Once I was happy with the look, I used a regular old glue stick to glue all 105 pieces into place.
 Hanging it up in our bedroom was nice and quick.  I love how it turned out. Its a departure from what I normally hang in our house, and I'm really happy with it. I think the corner looks a lot happier too. And it was F-R-E-E.  You can't beat free!
 What do you guys think? Have you used anything free lately to make some art? Taken an excessive amount of anything from a store lately... or ever? It's only slightly embarrassing!


  1. Very creative and I love free! You need to come to my house and help me! I've been in the house over a year and only have 3 things hanging - in the entire house.

    Please take a pic of the other wall with shelves straight on so I can see how you mixed the frames and shelves!

  2. Kristen, I will come and help anytime! Its definitely time to get some more stuff on your walls! I'm working on a post about those shelves, so stay tuned.

    PS - Thanks for being my first commenter!!

  3. I think this is the coolest idea! I am going to try it!


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