Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Two-Faced, in a Good Way

I've been seeing a lot of pillows on pinterest and other blogs that have writing or designs on the front of them. While I was in Micheal's the other day, I picked up some black fabric paint so I could give this a try. I played around in Word until I found a font and symbol that I liked. Then I made the font huge, like 750 or something ridiculous, and printed it out. Here are my supplies, all ready to go:

Basically, I put the printed out symbol under my fabric and traced it with the paint. I used a cheap linen fabric so I wouldn't be heartbroken if it didn't work out well. Luckily, after about 15 minutes I was left with a nice looking hand-painted ampersand.

In order to make the pillow a little more interesting, I used a different fabric for the back side. I sewed the pillow just like I learned in middle school and then used some stuffing from the yucky pillows that came with the furniture to fill it. Lastly, I hand sewed the bottom shut. Ta Da!

Here's the front:
And the back:

I tried to get a picture where you could see both sides, but it was a little difficult. Here was my most successful attempt:

For now the pillow is living on the couch in our living room. The fabric is so versatile that it might make a move. Our guest room needs a little love, so maybe it'll go in there.

I never thought that I could hand paint something and it would be nice enough to display in our home. There was a little cheating involved since I was just tracing, but I'm still proud. File this one under another cheap and easy project! My sewing machine is getting a lot of use this week. Bill said that sewing machine Christmas sure beat yoga Christmas since I'm actually using the machine so much! Who else has projects going on this week? The weather is so gross out that we're only focused on the inside this week. We can't be the only ones!

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