Monday, May 21, 2012

Home Goods: Part 2

Last week I mentioned that a new Home Goods opened in our area. I showed you the first purchase that I actually did something with: an adorable wire basket for our cleaning supplies. I bought a few other things that day, including a woven mirror that I hoped to hang over the bed in our master bedroom. Ever since I stenciled the wall, I was feeling like the bedroom was a little too glam for us Pickett's. Don't get me wrong - I love the stenciled wall, but I needed something to tone it down a bit.

Finding something to go over the bed was actually the reason that I went to Home Goods. Because I needed a reason. Right. Anyway, as I was walking through the store I found this beautiful woven mirror. I liked how it had a feeling that was really opposite of the stenciled wall. And it was only $39.99. Score! It was definitely coming home with me.

It took me about a week to decide if I really liked it in the room. I laid it on the floor up against the stencil to see how I felt about it. Eventually I fell in love and asked Bill to help me hang it up.

Please try to ignore the crooked lampshade in the mirror. That's on my list of things to fix. I just can't get it to stay straight, but it's my mission to figure it out! I did manage to get one picture with it pretty straight.

These pictures also make me want to run to the store to buy new crown molding, but my wallet says that the molding is a project that needs to wait a while. I'm trying to be patient!

So there's my $40 fix for the bedroom wall. I think that the room is finally starting to come around towards completion. Although I'm not sure I'll ever actually finish decorating a room. Everything just seems to evolve. Please tell me someone else out there is like that too!

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