Saturday, July 14, 2012


Bill and I just spent the week with great friends on a lake in the Adirondacks. It must have been this week of being completely isolated from technology that finally inspired me to spend a few hours sprucing up the blog. The color and font changes are pretty obvious, but I've also added a few things to the side bar.

You can now check out some of the most popular projects that I've blogged about by clicking on their picture on the right. I've also made it easier for you to search for something on the blog by using the search function, also on the right. I typed in "gray" just to see how it worked and it brought up about half of my blog posts... I'm apparently the conductor of the gray train!

Did you know that if you follow the blog, then you can have the posts emailed to you? It makes it really easy to keep up with any new blog post instead of checking in randomly. All you need to do is type your email address into the box under "Keeping up with the Pickett's" and then click submit. It would make my day to have more people following the blog - so please please please take a second to sign up and then leave a comment that you're now following!

I am super close to having 5,000 page views and I could not be more excited or grateful! I'm hoping to blog on a much more regular schedule now that I'm on summer vacation and our actual vacation has ended, so look forward to a lot more projects at the Pickett's! :) 

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