Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Caroline Marie Pickett :)

I've been quite MIA lately on the blog, and with good reason. Our sweet baby girl was born a month ago and has been occupying nearly every second of our time. The photo above was my favorite picture from when we were in the hospital.

Yesterday was her one month birthday, so I staged a little photo shoot. Some of the pictures were really successful, while others were not. We need to cut her some slack - she's only a month old :)

I'd say this one is a Pinterest fail!

I originally bought the blocks for a few photos that we took while I was still pregnant. I shared some of them on Mother's Day, and here's one more that we took with her name.

The house projects will resume shortly, but for now I'm enjoying every second I can with my sweet girl :)

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  1. Aw, how cute! The pics turned out really great actually (even the one of her crying, I mean one day you'll miss that cry...right? maybe?). I think the blocks are a really cool idea! You can do that for each month :)

  2. OK., so what did Bill think of the labels?

    1. I think he likes them... he didn't make fun of them!


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