Friday, March 2, 2012

The Cheat Sheet

As a math teacher, I am generally pretty good with numbers. I remember dates well, even ones that may not be that important to anyone else. My husband is a smart man, but dates are not his thing. Shortly after we got married, I decided to remedy that problem by making him a cheat sheet. It couldn't any old cheat sheet, it had to be pretty enough to display on the wall. 

I played around in Word with different fonts until I found 4 that I liked. I used those fonts to write the dates of four milestones in our relationship. Then I printed them out on pretty gold paper and slapped them in a frame with a few photos from our wedding.  Here's what I ended up with:

I hung the frame in a prominent place in our home: the photo gallery wall. My husband laughed about this at first, but I think he secretly finds it useful!!
This was a super quick project and the only cost was that of the frame. I think it was definitely worth the time and money so I never spend an anniversary upset because someone forgot about it!

Do any of you have a way to subtly remind your significant other of important dates?

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