Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

White walls bore me. I bought my first house because I was tired of looking at plain white walls in my apartment. As soon as I moved into that house I painted every room in it. My craft room is the only room in our current house that has white walls. I added chevrons to the short front wall, but the rest of the room is white with white trim. For a little while, I was enjoying the serenity of it.

After spending a few hours at my white craft table in my white craft room last weekend, it was time for a bit of a change.  I built the craft table several years ago from a pre-finished plank of wood and four plumbing pipes. I painted the top white, since I was unfamiliar with staining and then spray painted the legs black. Come to think of it, the legs of this table may just be the first thing I ever spray painted in the name of home decor!

Clearly, I enjoy geometric patterns. Chevrons, stripes, the stencil and even different fabrics I've used are all inspired by geometry. I brainstormed a bit and of course turned to pinterest to find some new ideas. I needed something that would be easy and quick. This couldn't turn into an all day project, just something to allow me to procrastinate grading papers. I started to think of different ways I could tape off a pattern on the table top and it suddenly hit me: diamonds!

This was a really easy project, especially since I had all of the materials on hand. I used green frog tape, a speed square and paint. I used the speed square to ensure the diamonds were all evenly spaced and equal in size.

Tape of the lines in both directions to create the diamond pattern. I actually liked the look of it just using the tape!

Make sure that the background color is the color that you want to create the lines on the desk. You should actually make sure of this before you start any of the taping. I wanted gray to be the predominant color of the desk, so I didn't need to paint the whole desk first. Ok, now that I've cleared that up...

I painted two thin coats using the same gray paint that I used for the chevrons.  As soon as the second coat was dry, I pulled up the tape. I was amazed at how crisp the lines were!

Once the paint was dry, I put my sewing machine and a basket back on the table top. I just love how it came out.

Here's a view looking right at the desk so you can see the whole pattern.

Since I used materials that I already had, add this to the free project list. It adds a little character to this side of the room.  I still think I might want to paint the walls. Maybe over April vacation? We'll see!

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  1. Love the table! The diamonds look really cool and it sounds like it was relatively easy to do (even doable by a not so crafty person like me). Nice job!

  2. Once again, a great project Kathleen. I was thinking about all your "geometric" projects the other day when I came across some great chevron and geometric fabrics. Check out Fabric.com. I buy a lot of fabric there. Great customer service and quality fabric. Love your mini sewing machine.


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