Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Foamtastic

Yes, there's still foam left from the deceased memory foam mattress topper that Simon decided to snack on. And yes, I made another ottoman. I already made two other cushions using pieces of the foam, so the ottoman was actually a little different. This one could also serve as a bench. I gave it to my friend for her birthday. We're starting to run out of places to put these pieces of furniture in our house!

Since I was giving this one as a gift, I wanted to make it versatile enough to be either an ottoman or a bench. I chose to use longer parson's legs. Just like the first ottoman I made, I bought the plates that screw into the plywood and then Bill attached the legs for me.

After the base was all set, I just layered the foam and fabric onto the plywood and used the wonderful power stapler to hold everything together. I'm sure that you can use a regular staple gun to attach fabric to wood, but its so much more fun with the air compressor going!

Once the fabric was nice and secure, I just trimmed the excess and flipped it over. Here she is!

I decided not to stain the legs since I wasn't sure what color my friend would like. I think the natural wood looks great the with subdued fabric. Just for a photo, I put the bentoman (bench/ottoman!) in front of my couch. Clearly I was in a rush because I only turned on one of the lamps. I really need to get better at this whole picture-taking thing!

Lastly, before I gave the bentoman away, I signed the bottom. Now she'll never forget where it came from!

What do you think? Are you getting tired of ottomans? We'll be branching out into bigger and better projects soon, we're just saving up the pennies!

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