Thursday, July 19, 2012

Great Eye-dea

Sometimes the puns just come too easily.

We have a pretty generously sized master bathroom and a small linen closet is tucked into the corner of the room. Last summer, I got my organization on and whipped the closet into shape. I even used my label maker. I wear my dork title proudly!
The only thing that didn't get done at that time was a way to organize/display all of my necklaces. They were in a box and were constantly getting tangled. Plus, since I could not see them, I really didn't wear them very often.

I looked around on Pinterest for ideas, but nothing struck my fancy. Then one day I was in Bill's workshop looking for stuff to hang a picture and came across eye hooks. A light went on in my brain and about 20 minutes later, I had this:
 It's really hard to get a picture of this in such a small space, but I tried!
As you can see, there were pieces of wood already in the closet as shelf supports. All I did was drill small holes about two inches apart and then screwed in the eye hooks. Each hook is strong enough to hold a few necklaces. There's enough space from the bottom hooks to hang the longer necklaces there.

It's been like this for a few months now and I'm really happy with how it's working. I can easily see and get to all of my necklaces. Best of all, since the wood was already in the closet and we already owned the eye hooks, this was a free solution! Love that!

On a different note, yesterday I got to babysit my adorable nephew. He's almost 2 and so fun and fearless. I brought him to my house for a bit and he got to meet Simon. Simon was a little unsure at first - check out this side-eye!
But he grew to love him!

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  1. Nice way of dealing with jewelry. The picture of Tommy and Simon is really cute!

  2. Haha, I think the side-eye picture is hilarious!

  3. Another great idea, Kath. It also looks like you had a fun day yesterday. Love, Aunt Jeanie

    1. Thanks, and yes, we had a great time. Simon wasn't quite sure what to make of Tommy at first, but he got used to him :)

  4. yay! free is always best! I love awesome storage ideas that make life easier and more organized

    and your nephew and dog... so cute!

    1. Free is the best! I'm trying to come up with all sorts of free ways to organize over the summer since I won't be getting another paycheck until school starts in September! Stay tuned :)


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