Monday, March 4, 2013

10 Minute Nursery Art

Now that I'm into the decorating phase of the nursery projects, I should be posting more often with quick and easy things.

Today's project literally took me ten minutes. I suppose, if you don't have a cricut or silhouette, then it might take twenty. Tops.

On top of being a quick project, this one rings it at $19.99. I'll take it!

Here are my supplies: a matted frame from Target that I've been eyeing for a few weeks and was so happy to have a reason to finally buy, a scrap of fabric leftover from sewing the curtain for the built-in, and a white piece of card stock. You'll also need tape.

I used my silhouette to cut the word love out of white card stock. You could also use a stencil or print out the word and cut it by hand. The silhouette just allowed me to be lazy. I taped the card stock down on the matte in the frame.

Then I took my scrap of fabric and laid it over the word. I used masking tape to secure that in place. I debated between using the polka dots or floral fabric. That took a minute out of my 10. Talk about simple.

After putting the backing back on the frame, I was left with this!

I'm in love. With the art. And the price. And the ease of the project. You might start finding these all over my house!

I added it to the built-in for now, but eventually it'll get hung on the wall.

I'm home from school today because I had my 28 week check-up. Chalupa is still growing like a champ :) I had to get the rhogam shot since my blood type is O-negative. Anyone else out there enjoy this great pleasure? Ouch!

I've got a few more quick and easy art projects on my mind, as well as the alphabet wall. The letters are now taunting me just waiting for me to decide which wall to put them on. I'm usually not so indecisive. Is this another symptom of pregnancy?

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  1. Just pinned it. So cute!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it :)


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