Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

...a nursery! Thank goodness!

The painting, construction, and cleaning phases of the nursery project have been completed. If you're just tuning in, so far we painted the room Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, I made curtains on a budget, Bill installed a new drum light, and I made a crib skirt without any sewing.

Here's a much better look at the no-sew crib skirt that I completed as part of the Pinterest challenge. I attached it to the metal mattress frame with velcro, so it's completely detachable and washable.

The "construction" phase of the project was this beautiful built-in that Bill built. When we bought the house, the previous owner had used this room as an office so there was already a built-in desk/shelf thing in this corner. It was cheap looking and covered in about 85 layers of polyurethane, so it was super shiny and gross looking. Bill was more than happy to destroy that and build this for the Chalupa.

He built it using MDF and its basically just a box with shelves that fits very snugly into the nook space. Much to Bill's dismay, I asked him to paint the back of the built-in the same navy blue that we used in the bathroom, while painting the rest of it white. It was a pain in the rear to paint, but the results are definitely worth it. Even Bill agrees with that!

I'm still playing around with what is going to go on the shelves. The gray felt storage bin in filled with diapers, thanks for my generous sister-in-law who gave us a ton of diapers after her newborn grew out of them. The tall silver giraffe is from Home Goods and she'll definitely be staying there. The rest of the stuff is debatable right now!

Thinking ahead, we planned the lowest shelf to be tall enough so that we can fit the diaper genie and hamper under it. I sewed a really quick curtain and hung it on a tension rod so we can hide those things. I'm sure it'll stay open during the first few months of Chalupa's life so we have easy access to it. For now its nice to be able to close the curtain and pretend the baby won't ever have a dirty diaper or make a mess of her clothes!

The big blank wall next to the built-in is where we'll put the dresser/changing table. We haven't decided on a dresser quite yet. Luckily we have a few more months. I'm working on an alphabet wall that'll go there as well. If you're ever on Pinterest, I'm sure you've seen them everywhere. I have a bunch of the letters ready to go, but there's still 6 or 7 that I'm working on. Thank goodness it's not a strenuous project so I'll still be able to work on it as this belly continues to grow!

The far corner next to the window is where the glider will live. Again, we don't have it yet, but that's the plan for it. I've got a bunch of ideas about what's going to go on all of the blank walls. I scoured Pinterest for hours last night, so I think I'm even more undecided at this point!

Bill and I are both thinking about book storage as well. I'm thinking that we'll have some sort of book slings, but we'll see.

This is already my favorite room in the house. I can't wait for it to evolve as we add more to it. There's no shortage of ideas, thanks to Pinterest!

Have you ever had a half-completed room already become your favorite room in the house? I'm just in love :)

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  1. Looking good Kath and Bill. Great work on the built in. Book storage is a must. I love the shelves on Pinterest that allow you to display the books.
    Can't wait to see this room evolve and more so the pictures of when Chalupa is finally in it! :)

    1. Thanks Tracy! I definitely want some sort of book storage that shows off the covers, rather than a traditional bookcase.

      11 more weeks until Chalupa is set to arrive! She'll be here before we know it :)


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